New Horizon Methodist Church

Melbourne, Iowa


New Horizon Methodist Church is located at 224 Main Street in Melbourne, Iowa. The church is comprised of a small but welcoming congregation who typically worship on Sundays @ 10:00 AM.

How do we follow Jesus?

  1. Welcome Unconditionally – Everyone is God’s beloved child.
  2. Walk Together – Develop community and enjoy fellowship.
  3. Worship Constantly – Pray, worship & sing hymns.

The church was founded in 1891 and the building was built in 1892, but renovated in the 1990’s. So, the church is ADA compliant.

There is a small food pantry in front of the church. If you’re hungry, feel free to take something from the pantry. As of June 5, 2024….we have food packs and bags of small yellow potatoes available in the pantry or contact us and we’ll get some to you.